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Message 9079 - Posted: 28 Apr 2009 | 17:14:53 UTC
Last modified: 28 Apr 2009 | 17:16:01 UTC

Suggestion for the Site to generate interest/keep users crunching. It was prompted by the notice re the new AIDS WUs.

Its by far from essential, and I am aware of the pressures on time in the Project, it would be good to be able to embed this in the overall system though.

To the Cruncher, the WU has a clinical "cold" number, its not possible to work out what task/project its for. A short summary table of one liners accessible to anyone on the Site as an information page, with (say) a link to the science summary concerned would bring the WU alive a little more and help to get away from bland crunching of anonymous WUs.

A by-product would also be to highlight the work done at GPUGRID that visitors / prospective crunchers could see and be part of the whole matrix of efforts to get people crunching here.

The one liner could have a short description (eg "AIDS") with the short description clickable to the relevant science page. Maybe - if accepted in principle - it could be part of the background preparation for Project WUs, with possibly a CMS type of entry onto the page to spread the load a little on keeping it up to date. No doubt there will be other solutions possible on updating.


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Message boards : Wish list : WU Summary Page - Task Related