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Message 12634 - Posted: 22 Sep 2009 | 23:28:43 UTC

I'd like to see a change to the home page - in the bar near the top, add a link to a page that gathers the information about which operating systems and which Nvidia cards qualify. A number of other BOINC projects simply call such a link Requirements. A few things I'd like to see included:

1. A list of operating systems that qualify.

2. I recently saw an old message saying that you then offered GPU workunits only for 64-bit versions of at least one operating system, not the 32-bit versions. Include enough information to show if this is still true, and if so, which operating systems.

3. Either which Nvidia cards qualify, or a link to such information. Similar information on whether your recent increase in deadline times has made more cards qualify, which Nvidia chips usually qualify, and which CUDA and driver versions qualify, and possibly your plans for changing these requirements soon.

4. Any main physical memory size requirements and GPU card memory requirements that apply.

5. Which BOINC version is recommended for each operating system on the list.

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Message boards : Wish list : Home page requirements link